General assembly 2011

Euro-HSP General Assembly
30 May 2011
Burgos, Spain

GA Burgos
Fina (Spain), Jean (France), Diana (Denmark), Paco (Spain), Dorthe (Denmark) and Fernando (Spain). Geir and Ingerid from Norway, Marina, Valentina and Tomas from Italy and Ute and Rob from EURORDIS were also in the GA.



  • Fernando

    Fernando announced that he'll be replaced by Fina. He'll continue as webmaster.

  • Review of Congress

    1. Positive: High quality of the speakers, CREER has been a great center.

    2. Negative: Too few participants/patients. We missed a social event. We forgot an evaluation sheet. Rob will try to find one we can send out by e-mail.

    3. Remember: Thanks to Eurordis, Medtronic, Pfizer, CREER, Reuma-Sol and Yllera (wine) on our website.

    4. Suggestions: Reports to our associations to get our members interested in our next conference. It´s important to stress the feeling of unity - Euro-HSP - all the national associations should try to be represented at all events.

    5. GA 2012: Will be held at Frambu in Norway, as the French HSP association is busy arranging its 25 years anniversary on June 14, 2012. Since the audience will be new we should consider some of our speakers from this conference + some new ones.

  • Membership to Eurordis

    Approved unanimously. Dorthe will contact Eurordis.
  • Bylaws approval

    Approved unanimously.
  • Annual fees

    We agreed on ? 150/association. We go back to our associations for approval and answer to the treasurer.
  • Bank account

    Geir and Ingerid will make an account parallel with Naspa's account.
    Marina will find out how to get an account in Italy - and Paco in Spain.
  • BoD Elections

    President: Dorthe Lykke, Denmark
    Vice president: Fina Mateo, Spain
    Secretary: Marina Zapparoli, Italy
    Treasurer: Ingerid Ringheim, Norway
    Scientific advisor: Jean Benard, France
    Other members: England, Netherlands

  • 5-year action plan

    1. Finding new members.

      Dorthe will work on Sweden, Baltic States, Finland and Holland (Bauke).
      Fina will work on Portugal.
      Marina will work on Germany (with Ute), Switzerland and Greece.
      Ingerid will work on Iceland.
      Jean will work on Belgium (Wallones) and Germany.

    2. More centers like CREER

      We should try to get ministers from our countries to visit CREER.

    3. 5-year plan

      We should study the Spanish plan to get ideas. When we have decided on a plan, Fernando will publish it on our website.

    4. Workshop

      We should arrange a workshop in a couple of years with Yerko and Christina and their methods.

  • Logo

    Marina will send a draft in a couple of months.

  • Eurordis Online communities

    In 2012 it will also be translated into Polish and Russian. We should all participate to make it a success. It is only as good as our input.

  • Grants / Fundraising

    1. Eurordis: Dorthe will ask Anja about a grant from Eurordis our next GA.

    2. Medical companies: Dorthe will mail her list of companies to be completed. We´ll then ask for support on an international level.

    3. EU funds: We must have 6-10 countries represented for most money from EU.

  • Other points
    1. Rob: Rob has approximately 6 hours a month to help us.

    2. Jean: It´s important for Euro-HSP to reach a level of a good federation so we can have influence on coordination of research.