Walk´n Roll 2017

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                     Walk´n Roll 2017 in Copenhagen


"Foreningen for Ataksi / HSP" held its 6th Walk´n Roll event at Damhussøen on Saturday September 9 - and what a day. The 54 participants met in high spirits, and we got through the warm-up before it started raining. Everyone got a raincoat, and that proved to be absolutely necessary, as the rain was pouring down way before we reached the finish line.


         Velkommen                        Taler           

         Welcome to Walk´n Roll                                                                 Pep talk by Mette


The event started with an interesting and thought-provoking pep talk by Mette Grentoft, who is a member of Rare Diseases Denmark´s executive committee. She is also Chair of the Association for People with Williams Syndrome. She talked about the importance of awareness events for rare diseases. Then followed a warm-up which was great fun and hard even for the participants without a diagnosis. The physiotherapist sent us off to the walk around the lake - which turned out to be a very wet one.


        Efter     DK    

             The deserted lawn                                                    Coffee under the sunshades


Fortunately, the café had put up the sunshades and the sunblind so the post-walk events - the coffee, the getting together to chat, the music and drawing lots could take place fairly under cover. We had many many prizes to give this year, so almost everybody went home with a prize!




                    Rickshaw      DL  

                                     Rickshaw"limousine"                         Dorthe on her rollator scooter                     

We had borrowed a rickshaw to carry water and fruit at the start - and carry a tired passenger to the finish line. I had borrowed a rollator - scooter - hoping not to cross the finish line as the last one. But I had forgotten to train the "push off" leg - so I came in last - as usual.

It was a great day - and a very wet day.

Dorthe Lykke